About Bruce

Having played for years all around NSW, with stints in Qld, NT, ACT, SA & even international performances, Bruce has gathered the experience necessary for providing one of the best night's fun and entertainment you could possibly have. People mistakingly think that if you have a duo or band playing at your function it will be significantly better night than hiring a solo artist. Most of the time they might sound okay but will lack that certain something to make your night special. This is where Bruce stands out above the rest. Whether it be a large corporate gig to an intimate party, he tailors his show to suit every environment. Blending his guitar and other instruments with his quality backing tracks, gives it the sound of a full band from a simple 4 piece Rock/Pop group to a 20 piece Big Band. With 23 years experience as a solo artist & well over 3000 gigs under his belt you can expect the best for your wedding, party, function or pub/club gig.