Reasons For Booking Bruce

1. MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST- He sings, plays guitar, trombone & harmonica. Most artists just sing and play guitar.

2. WIRELESS- His wireless headset microphone and guitar means he's not stuck on stage behind the microphone stand. He can wander around the room and often goes outside whilst still playing. This can be very handy to keep people's attention on you. Also for getting the audience up dancing and more involved with the show.

3. COSTUMES- This is where Bruce's show goes up a notch. He has so many different costumes and characters. It's by no means a full cabaret floor show but varies on the different audience as to what he does. (Although, he has been hired to do floor show spots for 1 set) He will only use them when required. Quite often there's no need for them at all because the audience is subdued and just wants to listen to great music without the visual side. When they do come out, it's a huge laugh. There are no other solo or duo artists who can put on costumes and take the performance up another level. That's something only the bigger more expensive show bands do.

4. REPERTOIRE- Bruce has over 250 songs ranging from your standard party/dance tunes to sing-a-longs to show tunes or your easy listening 1st set songs. He has most tastes covered.

5. DJ SERVICES- Bruce has over 10,000 songs on his computer. During his breaks he can play the songs that he doesn't have in his extensive live repertoire. Anything from the latest top 40 hits, your favourite party songs, pop, rock, country, blues, RnB, classical etc. 

6. EXPERIENCE- Having the knowledge & understanding of over 3000 performances goes a long way. Every moment of every gig is different. The way people mix with the music & the performer is constantly changing. You have to react accordingly & having that experience is necessary for your function to run smoothly.