Bruce has had the privilege of playing at over 200 weddings in his career. He has the understanding & vast experience necessary for your most memorable of days.

Every wedding is different & being flexible is the key. Bruce tailors his performance to what the bride & groom need. With having played so many weddings he has a wealth of information to pass on if you should require it. 

Weddings are a combination of family & friends with quite a large difference in age. It's trying to keep everyone happy with the music selection. Most times you keep it in the middle so all ages can enjoy. You will also cover the latest hits for the younger crowd & then the classics for the older guests. 

Knowing what songs that go well with the last one you played is a skill on it's own. Bruce doesn't have a rigid set list, so if a song is requested then he'll add it into the set at the right moment. 

Bruce loves to get people involved. He has a spare microphone & encourages people up to sing. He also dresses them up in some of his costumes & everybody has a great laugh. Quite often it will be the Bride & Groom so the guests will enjoy it even more. 

Bruce comes appropriately dressed & knows how important the day is to you so he strives for a successful performance.

A recent survey revealed that guests at wedding receptions said the most memorable part of a wedding for them is the entertainment. 

Of course the bride in all her splendour will be equally up there but people want to have fun & dance.

Live music has the extra lift to get people partying rather than the one dimension offered by DJ's.

Then if you add the costume changes & entertainment of They Call Me Bruce, this will take your reception to another level above booking a standard solo/duo/band.