They Call Me Bruce

Welcome to the site of "They Call Me Bruce".

This unique Sydney based performer has been captivating audiences with his one man show for many years now. Bruce's performances go from laid back Sunday afternoons to full throttle costumes & party mode.

This versatility and experience is what makes Bruce one of the premier Solo performers in Australia today.

You can't pigeon hole Bruce as just a costume change show. Most of his career has been rocking out in pubs playing all your favourite songs & adding his own personal touch to his repertoire. He can change his style to suit most crowds.

Send him an email or call to enquire about your needs. If he can't play to your needs, he'll tell you.

There's nothing worse than musicians not fitting the requirements of the crowd. Bruce brings more to the table than most musicians.

Check out the "Reasons For Hiring Bruce" section. 

Hope you enjoy the site!

Cheers, Bruce